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8 Reasons Why Channing Tatum is Drool-worthy

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1) His washboard abs. They are firm. They are big. And they are sexy as hell. I mean seriously… how many rows can you count?

2) The way he licks his lips as if he is intentionally teasing my own. Let me know if your lips want to meet my… lips.


3) Those pecs that I wish I could place my head on.

4) The way his hips move when he dances makes our imaginations run wild (damn you Jenna Dewan-Tatum.. you lucky bitch).

5) The way that ANYTHING – such as simply standing upright, shirtless – makes me fear for my panties.


6) His, um, abs (which deserve about 10 bullet points on this list and didn’t fit just in #1). I would be the first to volunteer if he needed help with his sunscreen… or anything else for that matter.

7) His perfectly shaped biceps for the squeezing.

8) That v-line, though…



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