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14 Problems Every Girl With Big Boobs Faces

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We love having boobs, but we’d be lying if we said that they don’t come with a downside – especially if they are big. Whether we are strapping on two sports bras to go on a run or we are struggling to find a button up shirt that fits without popping open, here are 14 problems that every girl with bog boobs faces.

Running. Is. Hell.

You try strapping down a pair of 36DDDs and going for an ‘enjoyable’ run. Please, feels like I am going to knock myself out with one of those bombs at any second.

It isn’t cute:




Strapless tops are a bitch.

When you try to wear one… for the umpteenth time… you ask yourself why you were stupid enough to think that maybe this one time it will stay up without needing to be manhandled

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